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Lifeguard Assessments

The role of a lifeguard is challenging and the aquatic environments lifeguards are required to work in can differ dramatically from day to day, location to location. To recognise this, the Australian Lifeguard Service has specific fitness and skills assessments based on the requirements for each role and environment. These assessments are designed to ensure the lifeguard is physically and mentally prepared for their role, for the safety of the public and themselves.

Assessments may include, but are not limited to: fitness and skills testing, rescue demonstrations and knowledge tests. These assessments will be required as part of the recruitment process and will take place at regular times throughout employment, they may also be used to rank potential employees for the process of selection. The ALS uses assessments based on science through evidence-based research which may change at any time. The most current lifeguard assessment requirementscan be found on this page.

Current ALS Ocean Lifeguard Assessment Requirements

Complete an 800m swim in 14 minutes or less in a swimming pool of not less than 25m

Perform complex patient rescue and support aided and unaided by equipment:

  • Select appropriate rescue equipment
  • Assess and mange the patient's levels of distress
  • Support and return patients to shore
  • Perfrom a one-person drag technique and patient lay

Perform surf skill and fitness test:

  • Complete a 400m swim, 800mm run, 400m board paddle and 800m run in 25 minutes
  • Complete tube rescue of a patient 100m out at sea and return (with flippers optional)
  • Complete board rescue of patient 200m out at sea and return

Note: Lifeguard Assessments may vary according to location.