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Who we are

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A leader in professional lifeguard services 

The Australian Lifeguard Service (ALS) has always been dedicated to saving lives and is committed to the provision of a proactive service on the beaches and within the community.

As the paid lifeguard arm of Surf Life Saving, we provide professional lifeguard services to local governments, land managers and resorts. The ALS is the sole provider of lifeguard services to coastal local government areas in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the major provider of services in Queensland, Western Australia and in New South Wales. Our territory encompasses more than 250 beaches and we employ over 700 lifeguards.

We also work with land managers who provide their own service by providing advice and assistance on qualifications, training, standards and compliance issues.

We are supported by a national infrastructure that includes the provision of:

  • nationally accredited training
  • specialist rescue services
  • communication networks
  • international expertise in rescue, medical research, coastal management and equipment development
  • recognised standards and compliance systems.


“Did you know we are one of the largest providers of paid lifeguards in the world?”


A professional lifeguard service

Heritage – with more than 30 years professional experience, and the backing of the world’s oldest and most respected surf lifesaving organisation – SLSA – you can count on us to be there with you when the going gets tough.

Innovative – Australia has always been at the cutting edge of lifesaving technology and we have access to the development of the latest rescue tools and techniques, both in Australia and internationally.

National – Through SLSA, we regularly liaise with peak bodies at state and federal levels, including the Australian Water Safety Council. This allows us to develop public policy and assist with its implementation within your local area.

International – our linkages with the International Life Saving Federation (ILS) are unrivalled, giving us full access to all the world’s great professional lifeguard services. We also provide exchange opportunity for lifeguards across many partner organisations.

Vision and Aims


Zero preventable deaths and injuries along the Australian coastline


  1. To provide the best quality coastal public safety service
  2. To work effectively with the community and local governments to improve coastal public safety
  3. To engage stakeholders and the community to understand and act upon coastal public safety issues.

“In the ocean or along the coast conditions can change in the blink of an eye. A rapid and efficient response by a well-trained team of lifeguards, can make the difference between a successful rescue and tragedy.”