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Coastal risk assessments

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Coastal risk assessments and safety audits

The Australian Lifeguard Service, through partnership with Australian Coastsafe offers a service to local councils and land managers that contract the ALS, which provides a comprehensive assessment and identification of the risks to public safety and detailed recommendations on how to manage those risks.

The assessments include the use of spatial data, the ABSAMP beach classification system and research, best practice signage guidelines, plus results from extensive on-site assessment of the designated coastal zone using professional assessors. These risk assessments provide a comprehensive assessment and identification of the risks to public safety and detailed recommendations on how to manage those risks.

A detailed Coastal Risk Assessment report includes:

  • Identification of aquatic risks e.g. sub-surface reefs, channels and rips, tidal impacts
  • Risk mitigation strategies and remedies for identified threats to public safety
  • Recommendations on placement of access tracks, car parks and infrastructure
  • Access signage requirements relating to warnings, regulations and lifesaving services according to identified hazards
  • Recommendations on the necessary lifeguarding services including personnel, training, coverage, communications and rescue equipment and emergency back-up
  • Education and awareness programme options

The ALS provides safety audits as a methodical review and verification of services already in place such as safety signs and lifeguarding services. The Safety Signage Audit will provide a comprehensive review of the safety signs against Australian and overseas standards and best practice guidelines.

For more information contact your state lifeguard manager:

New South Wales | Queensland | Western Australia | Victoria | South Australia | Tasmania | Northern Territory

Independant Coastal Risk Assessments

Australian Coastsafe is the intelligence and strategic national coastal safety management service of SLSA which gathers data on all beaches around Australia and establishes systems, and programs to deliver a safer aquatic environment.

It is a vital vehicle to support beach safety for lifesavers and lifeguards but even more practically, offers benefits to all levels of government, coastal management agencies and groups, private developers and tourism operators to reduce the risk of injury or death and protect the reputation of Australia’s coastal lifestyle and the significant economic value this brings to our nation.

Australian Coastsafe can provide an independant and unbiased Coastal Risk Assessment & Safety Audit tailored for your local council, coastal management agency or group, private development or tourism operation.

To find out more about Australian Coastsafe visit their website, click here.



Fact: The vast coastline of Australia covers more than 35,877kms and when all islands are included the length increases to 59,736kms (Source: Geoscience Australia).